Daniel Lanois still plays a huge role in my musical life. Through his music I got to know Brian Blade, the one who I never dare to shake hands with. One of my biggest drum heroes. Through his music I met like-minded people, some so important to me and my musical development.

This song, White Mustang II, comes from Lanois’ first solo album Acadie. I guess I read in his autobiography “Soul Mining: A Musical Life” he was living and recording in New Orleans at the time. While working on a song he heard a trumpet player in the street. Lanois was so moved by his playing and asked him to come into the studio to play something together. This is the result.

If you ever have a chance to see him play live, don’t hesitate. Seeing him play up close is something else and always leaves me with loads of energy and ideas. The same happens when I play to his music.