Driving through England a couple of months, Pitou played this album by Anaïs Mitchell called ‘Young Man in America’. I had heard of Anaïs before but never got to listen to her music. It really hit me and now I’ve been listening to it almost every day.

Listening to it again this morning in the shower (try it, shower music is the best), I realised there were no drums on the song ‘Coming Down’. Challenge accepted. I imagined being in the studio with Anaïs and the rest, them saying to me: “ok, give it a spin Mischa”. I’m not sure I would have got the job, but in my imagination I sure did.

Notably, this is the first ‘song without drums’ video with my new Istanbul Agop Cymbals. Most of you probably won’t hear much of a difference, to me it means a lot. I now hear the sounds I’ve been looking for for quite some time now. That’s really rewarding!