African drums were introduced to me at the age of 6. My teacher from Guinea, Mangue Camara, not only taught me how to play them, but also what different rhythms mean. It was through his teaching and our playing together that I learned how to communicate through music.

Discovering the drum set in high school I played different bands, all kinds of music ranging from metal to folk, to later start my studies at the pop department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam and find my instrument: the 1943 Slingerland Rolling Bomber.

During my studies I learned I am able to accompany and strengthen someones musical storytelling. One of the biggest pleasures in my life. It never gets old: different people, aims and approaches keep me going, and growing.

I recorded and toured with a lot of inspiring songwriters and musicians like: Pitou, Luwten, Remy van Kesteren, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Wouter Planteijdt, Johan Borger (the entire Borger family), Morris Kliphuis, René van Barneveld, Marten de Paepe and Pablo van de Poel.

Enjoy a few of my favorite moments and recordings.

René van Barneveld and me playing an improvised piece on the Dutch TV show ‘Vrije Geluiden’
An excerpt from Morris Kliphuis‘ Dimlicht show during the North Sea Jazz Festival of 2017, featuring Morris, Mete Erker, Ricardo Lekatompessy (Mr. Probz, a.o.), Jasper Slijderink and Alexander Hawkins
Live recording of Pitou’s song ‘Problems’ at the Periscope Music Studio, featuring Pitou, Lieke Heusinkveld (la loye), Roos Meijer (Maktub) and Louise Lindskov (Louie Lind)
Live recording of DeWolff‘s ‘Outta Step & Ill At Ease’ at Studio Joneski, featuring Pablo van de Poel, Luka van de Poel, Robin Piso, Stefan Wolfs, Joep Bollinger (Faut Haut), Kim Schulte, Diwa Meijman (Darlyn), Jelte Tuinstra (Jett Rebel), Mitch Rivers, Marnix Wilmink (The Mauskoviç Dance Band), Niek Cival (The Grand East)

A playlist of some of my favorite recordings I played on