The Corona crisis has got most of us sitting at home. A lot of musicians and other performers lost their gigs and tours. To keep each other going and make the best out of the situation I started Isolated Drumbeats:
Everyday I drop a new drumbeat. You can download the multitrack recordings and use the drumbeats to build your songs.

You can download the Isolated Drumbeats here:

All I ask in return is that when you release something in which you’ve used my drum tracks, you let me know. Also, when you post about it on social media use #isolateddrumbeats and tag me (@ritmisch on Instagram, Mischa Porte on Facebook).

If you want to you can donate to keep Isolated Drumbeats going. Go to to do so. Adjust the amount to whatever you’d like. Thank you!

Without my friends at Studio Joneski this wouldn’t have been possible. They lend me the proper gear to record at home. Thank you guys!